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What exactly is curry?

I am Indian and I don’t know what curry is.

I looked it up and this is the definition I got:

A dish of meat, vegetables, etc., cooked in an Indian-style spicy sauce and served with rice.

I have so many problems with this, specifically in the words “Indian-style.” Do you mean Rajasthani? Gujarati? Tamil? Hyderbadi (Andhra Pradesh)? Kerala? Karnataka? Maharashtran?

Take a look at this link. Look at the various types of Indian cuisine. Is it fair to reduce our varied culture to simply the words “Indian-style?” 

This is what I think: the British invaded India and took away not only Pakistan, not only our independence from the White man, but also the identity of our food. We have so many varied dishes, and then suddenly everything with a gravy base has become “curry.”

No one calls it curry in India because each gravy base has a specific name, based on the ingredients. What Americans call “chicken curry” could be chicken tikka, chicken 65, chicken vindaloo, butter chicken. 

So instead of calling everything “curry,” why don’t you just say Indian food? It’s a lot more inclusive.

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